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Re: Re:Serials sorting SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 17 Sep 1991 14:00 UTC

we have tried several ways of sorting serials, and have yet to come up with
a way that works to everyone's satisfaction.  I recognize all of the factors
that have been mentioned already, and can add an additional one.  The state
of Virginia requires written performance plans for all classified employees.
Part of the explanations for each componenet of an employee's plan must
include quantifiable data.  In the case of check-in, that is either number
of pieces checked-in in a particular time or a percentage of the total.
It has been very difficult to reconcile the two, to be sure that all employees
have the potential of exceeding their quota (which could affect the amount
of their raise [if the state were not insolvent]).  Currently, we are just
dividing the incoming mail into equal stacks, and giving a stack to each
person.  The work gets done, nobody complains about other staff getting
"ahead" of them, but the expertise that can develop from each person
becoming familiar with particular titles has been lost.  I have to rewrite
all performance plans soon, and am going to try to remove the percentages
and/or numbers, and see if the university will let me get away with it.
Then, I'll revert to check-in by alphabet.  Has anyone out there had to deal
with a situation like this?  How about any other Va. libraries?

Steve Murden
Va. Commonwealth University