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Sorting serials LFC9K@VIRGINIA.BITNET 17 Sep 1991 18:39 UTC

Subject:  Not sorting incoming periodical mail

     At the point we changed to Notis online serials checkin,
we discontinued sorting issues by title range.  Instead, we
sort by day mail arrived.  Thus, mail is in a receipt queue and
must be checkedin by day received.  All of Friday's mail
must be received before anyone starts Monday's.  In addition,
we have bins by receipt day for problem checkins and
can not identify.  Those materials are assigned to a specific
staff member for resolution.  So far this system has worked
     As for catching title changes, I am not sure that
staff is doing this consistently as we have been online
for less than one month.  I am sure that we will have to
develop a better system of training students in this area.

Lynda Fuller Clendenning
Head, Serials
University of Virginia Library