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The following message came to me via PACS-L.  I thought it might be of
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Official Meckler Announcement About New, Free E-Journal
From: Nancy Nelson <>
Subject: MeckJournal Debuts

MeckJournal Debuts: New Electronic Journal on the Internet
Founded to provide timely and accurate information about emerging
technologies, Meckler Publishing has always been on the cutting
edge.  As a book, journal and newsletter publisher and conference
organizer, the company is dedicated to serving librarians,
information end-users and specialists, and the information industry
as a whole on all aspects of computer-based technology.

This year, the company's twentieth year of operation, Meckler has
committed its resources to becoming the leading provider of print
and electronic information about electronic networking throughout
the world.  An electronic publishing division has been established
and through Meckler's link with Princeton University's JvNCNet it
offers a service called MC(2).  Currently featured on the MC(2)
electronic system is the complete catalog of Meckler Information
Technology Publishing, full conference programs for four technology
conferences (Virtual Reality, HD WORLD, Electronic Networking and
Publishing '92, and Computers in Libraries Canada), as well as
five-year indexes to two of its monthly publications.  Within the
month, 1991 Tables of Contents for all Meckler technology journals
will be mounted.  This fall, Meckler technology books will be
offered at the Table of Contents level.  A facsimile order for
articles and chapters will be made available.

MeckJournal, which is available at no charge to interested parties,
is the latest service to be offered to Internet/Bitnet users.
Issues will include an editorial, late breaking news, and either a
forthcoming feature article from a Meckler journal, a chapter from
a forthcoming technology book, or a contribution from a Guest

Individuals with access to the Internet/Bitnet can receive issues
of MeckJournal two different ways.  A subscription to MeckJournal
may be placed by sending a message to with
the following information in the body of the text:
Subscribe MeckJournal
[Internet or Bitnet address]
Subscribers will automatically receive each monthly issue and other
information as it is published.

Internet/Bitnet users may also access the journal through the
following method:
telnet to
type  nicol [lower case] at the logon prompt
no password is needed
select MC(2) from the preliminary nicol menu

MeckJournal content for the next year is based on the following
September: Electronic Networking: Research, Applications, Policy
October:   Book Chapter
November:  Academic & Library Computing
December:  CD-ROM Librarian
January:   Computers in Libraries
February:  Book Chapter
March:     Database Searcher
April:     Document Image Automation
May:       HD World Review
June:      Book Chapter
July:      Library Software Review
August:    Multimedia Review
September: OCLC Micro
November:  Book Chapter
December:  Virtual Reality Report
The first issue presents Marian Dalton's essay "Does Anybody Have
a Map?"  It will appear in the first issue of Meckler's Electronic
Networking: Research, Application, and Policy scheduled to debut in
mid-October.  The journal is edited by Dr. Charles McClure
(Syracuse University) in association with Ann Bishop (University of
Illinois) and Phillip Doty (University of Texas/Austin).  Joe Ryan
of Syracuse serves as Resources Editor.

We invite suggestions and comments for future issues.
Nancy Melin Nelson
Executive Editor