acronyms and title changes AALGIER@SCU.BITNET 24 Sep 1991 17:08 UTC

Rule 21.2A states that a title is not considered to have changed if the
change is in the representation of an abbreviated word or symbol vs. a
spelled out form.

RI 21.2A states "...also do not consider the title proper to have
changed if the name of the issuing body or an element of its
hierarchy AT THE END OF THE TITLE changes from one FORM to another
(e.g. from an INITIALISM to the spelled-out form, from a longer form
to a shorter form)".

>From these statements, it is obvious that LC is making a distinction
between "abbreviated word" and "initialism". I cannot find anywhere
that if an initialism occurs anywhere except at the end of the title
it does or does not constitute a title change. Successive serial records
are being created when an acronym appears at the beginning of a serial
title and then changes to the full form. (e.g. North Central Association
quarterly changed to NCA quarterly. I have come across other similar changes
in serial titles where successive records are not being made.

My question is, can anyone find a rule explicity stating how to treat
changes in title where an acronym/initialism is involved in the first
five words? If they are considered title changes, then why is LC making
th e distinction between abbreviated words and initialisms. Are initialisms
more important to document than abbreviated words?

Thank you in advance.

Aimee Algier-Baxter
Serials Cataloger
Santa Clara University