Cataloging non-print serials on OCLC CLEATHEM@UMIAMI.BITNET 25 Sep 1991 19:39 UTC

I am preparing a study on OCLC participants' use of the serials format vs.
specific media formats when cataloging non-print (non-text) serials.
Subscribers may be able to help with the following:
  1. Which format is preferred and why?

  2. Has your library developed guidelines for this choice?

  3. Do any libraries use the serials workform for the serial/series
     title and then also catalog individual titles on the appropriate
     media workform, in effect providing analytics for individual items?

  4. Do you have a list of your non-print serials you are willing to send
     to me?

  5. Can you refer me to any bibliographies or lists of non-print serials?
     Although my focus is primarily on the use of OCLC formats, I am
     tryingto gather enough titles so that I have a truly representative
     sample to work with.

Any help you can provide is welcome.

Apologies to AUTOCAT subscribers for the duplicate message.

Thank you.

Cecilia Leathem
Head, Serials Cataloging
Otto G. Richter Library
University of Miami
P.O.Box 248214
Coral Gables, FL 33124