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This is in response to Aimee Algier-Baxter's question about serial title
changes and initialisms:

I think you might want to look at AACR2 rev. rule 12.1B2:
   "When the title appears in full and in the form of an acronym
   or an initialism in the chief source of information, choose
   the full form as the title proper unless the acronym or
   initialism is the only form of title presented in other
   locations in the serial."

I think the implication here is if it was cataloged correctly to begin with
(i. e. agreeing with AACR2 rev, NOT AACR2 original ed.) there would be less
title changes in existing serial records because previously if the chief
source had changed AT ALL (and that originally included spelling out of "&"
and initialisms ) you were forced to consider that as a title change. Now,
since the definition of title has been loosened up a bit common sense can

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