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DATE:         FRI, 6 DEC 1991

Jeri, I'm also trying to figure out how to handle "Spectrochimica Acta
Electronica."  Do you have any idea about how the numbering scheme is
going to continue?  I think my method of entering the holdings is going to
depend on whether they use continuous numbering for the disks or start
over with "Disk 1" for each issue.

As far as cataloging SAE, I have put a 500 note in the bibliographic record
for the "parent" journal that the new section started with v. 46, no. 11, and
that it has 3 1/2 in. disks in IBM PC or Macintosh format (since they
say they will accept and publish disks in either format).  Then I followed
that note with a 590 note saying that the disks are kept at the Science
Engineering Library circulation desk. (The SEL staff maintain the disks and
circulate them.)  In the NOTIS holdings record, I made a separate copy
statement for the disks, but now I'm hung up on the captioning problem.

Kevin M. Randall
Head, Serials Cataloging Section
Northwestern University Library
Date:         Fri, 6 Dec 1991 11:33:37 MST
From:         FG17000 <FG17@UTEP.BITNET>
X-To:         serialst@uvmvm.BITNET

We also just finished working with the problem of mixed format.
We are housing the original disks in our media center with the
copies in current periodicals behind the desk.  Our staff have
put a dummy on the shelf next to the journal (paper format)
stating that the disks are at the current periodicals desk.
I was really surprised to hear from Jeri that it took over an
hour to copy one of the disks.  It took us less than thirty
minutes to copy all three disks.  This makes me wonder how they
copy disks or what have we done wrong? Thanks to all who have
responded to this problem as I have found your remarks very
interesting and helpful.

Margaret Matthes, Serials Librarian
University of Texas-El Paso
Date:         Fri, 6 Dec 1991 13:12:00 EDT
Subject:      Spectrochimica Acta diskettes

At Appalachian State, we received a letter from Pergamon announcing
that the diskettes were coming. That letter left a lot of unanswered
questions, so I drafted something back to them. A few days later, as I
was getting ready to mail the letter, the issue with the diskettes
arrived. Some of my questions were then answered. So I rewrote my letter.
I sent a copy to Marcia Tuttle for possible inclusion in her newsletter.
We are waiting for a reply from Pergamon.

  Our procedure for handling the diskettes is similar to that described
by Ann Ercelawn and others. We circulate backup copies, with the originals
stored in the Catalog Dept. My main concern was over copyright. However,
they explicitly state in the user guide that comes with the diskettes that
copying is allowed. I hope other publishers will realize that at least
backup copies are necessary, to protect against viruses, etc.

   I find this kind of annoying, but I suppose we might as well get used to
it. Multi-media will become more common as time goes on. I guess I'm
old-fashioned to think there's something wrong with mixing formats. I just
wish the publishers would remember that we don't all have state-of-the-art
equipment and facilties, and that what is technologically possible is not
always financially possible.
   And also, format integration, we need you NOW!

Eleanor Cook
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608