New List Established for PACS-L Publications Charles Bailey, University of Houston 13 Jan 1992 19:25 UTC

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A growing number of library serials departments have requested that
a new list be set up to distribute The Public-Access Computer Systems
Review, Public-Access Computer Systems News, and Current Cites.  This
list would provide access to these electronic publications, but it
would not carry any PACS-L messages.

Thanks to Tahereh Jafari of the UH Information Technology Division
this has been done.  The new list is PACS-P@UHUPVM1.

The three electronic serials will continue to be distributed
on PACS-L as well as on PACS-P.  The archive files for
the serials will be on PACS-L, but not PACS-P. (This is to conserve
disk space.)  There are no restrictions on who can retrieve files
from the PACS-L list; PACS-P users will be able to do this as
easily as PACS-L users.

To subscribe to the PACS-P list, send the following e-mail message to

     SUBSCRIBE PACS-P First Name Last Name

If you are a PACS-L user you DO NOT need to subscribe to this list
in order to continue to receive the electronic serials.  PACS-P is
only intended for users who want the serials, but not the messages.

Best Regards,

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