Serials with separate sections Kathi L Rosenzweig 14 Jan 1992 22:05 UTC

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I have a question I hope someone can answer.  How are libraries handling
serials that have separate section titles that are consecutively numbered?
Titles that come to mind include: Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear
chemistry, which has Articles and Letters sections; and: Electroencephalography
& clinical neurophysiology, which has Evoked potentials and Electromyography
& motor control sections.

If you catalog them on one bibliographic record, how do you maintain accurate
bindery and/or holdings records?  Do you bind the titles with the main journal
title only, or do you include the section titles as well?

Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kathi Jakubowski
Head Serials Cataloger
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Golda Meir Library
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