Time requirements for predictive check-in JANAND@USU.BITNET 22 Jan 1992 15:08 UTC

     During my 5 years in Utah State University's serials department (1986-
1991), we used the GEAC system's serial module with predictive check-in
with great satisfaction.  (We're presently migrating to NOTIS.)

     It's true that the data needed to run the predictive system required
continuous tinkering as frequencies changed, etc.  For our collection of
6,000 current titles, we required one full time employee to do all the
tinkering and troubleshooting involved with new titles, cancellations,
title changes, splits, merges -- and any frequency changes too obscure for
the student checker-inners to easily input themselves.  BUT, in most cases,
frequency change corrections were made by student staff at the time of
check-in.                        Jan Anderson