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Serials Dept. Staffing ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 01 Apr 1992 14:34 UTC

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 92 18:47 EDT
Subject: RE: serialst posting

At SUNY College at Cortland we have two full time serials clerks who handle
all the work of the department with an additional 20 hours of student help.
This includes: receipt, discards, gifts and exchange activities, transfers,
OCLC copy cataloging activities (selecting records and printing for the
cataloger ) correspondence with vendors, initiation of binding collection,
maintenance of in-huse(house) periodical lists and fund accounting lists,
and maintenance of union list ldr's on OCLC.  Check in activities are but
a small part of the complex activities associated with the Serials Dept.
When asked, the staff thought that two hours a day for each was probably
accurate but does not include the problem resolution activities which
arise out of the check in process.
Johanna Bowen, Serials Librarian