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Verifying Subscription Costs ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 01 Apr 1992 14:49 UTC

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 18:12:00 +0800
Subject: verifying subscription costs

Could someone out there with Serials Directory (Winter 92 update) verify some
subs prices for me.  Titles in question are: 1)  Cataloging and Classification
Quarterly, 2)  Reference Librarian, 3)  Journal of Library Administration, and
4)Medical Library Assn. Bulletin.  All happen to be Haworth publications except
for the 4th title.

We found very wide discrepancies between EBSCO's prices and our source (Ulrich's
Plus).  Needless to say, EBSCO's source is Serials Directory.

1) U $105, E $322.
2) U $95, E $266.
3) U $90, E $266.
4) U $48, E $150.

Please respond directly.  Thanks in advance.

Gayle Chan
University of Hong Kong
Serials Librarian