Oversewing ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 01 Apr 1992 22:53 UTC

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 17:33:18 EDT
Subject: oversewing

Oversewing, except under clearly defined conditions (specified on
page 9 of the "Guide to the Library Binding Institute Standard for
Library Binding," by Jan Merrill-Oldham and Paul Parisi, Chicago:
American Library Association, 1990), is no longer supported by the
library community as a viable method of leaf attachment.  It is a
disservice to the patron and harmful to the volume for all of the
reasons, and more, given by Vicki Stanton last week in her response
to the question about binding.

All serials librarians should be familiar with the "Library Binding
Institute Standard for Library Binding," 8th ed.  It is published
by the Library Binding Institute, 7401 Metro Blvd., Suite 325, Edina,
MN, 55439; 612-835-4707, FAX 612-835-4780.  The Library Binding
Institute (LBI) is working with NISO to develop a new standard, but
the revision will not be available for several years.  In the mean-
time, the current standard (the 8th ed.) is quite satisfactory and,
along with the "Guidelines," provides clear and reliable information
for binders and librarians on the proper way to bind and protect
library materials--for use and preservation.

Sally Grauer at LBI can answer most questions about the standards and,
as Vicki Stanton noted, Walter Henry (whenry@lindy.standford.edu) is
another good source of information.

John N. DePew, Ph.D.