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27 April 1992

                          Call for Participation

                OCLC Internet Resources Cataloging Experiment

The OCLC Office of Research invites volunteer catalogers to participate
in a cataloging experiment designed to test the use of the "USMARC Format for
Bibliographic Data, Computer Files Specifications" (Computer Files Format)
and AACR2 cataloging rules (revised) for cataloging electronic information
objects such as text, software, and data.

Description of Cataloging Experiment

To test the suitability of current record formats and cataloging rules for
creating descriptive cataloging records, the Office of Research is undertaking
a cataloging experiment using a representative sample of 300 electronic files
derived from Internet resources.

Each of 30 participants in the experiment will receive 30 sample electronic
files to catalog (text, software, and data).  Each item in the sample will be
cataloged by three participants, yielding a total of 900 catalog records.
The records will be analyzed by cataloging experts, and statistical analyses
will be obtained.


Participants should have an MLS degree or equivalent, experience cataloging
computer files, and a working knowledge of both the USMARC Format for Computer
Files and the applicable cataloging rules (AACR2R, chapter nine).

Participants must be willing to catalog 30 computer files within the three-
week time-frame of the experiment from May 11-29, 1992.

Participants must have Internet access, although a limited number of
non-Internet sites will be selected, if possible.

Participants must have access to a word-processing system that can produce
ASCII text files.

Participation is NOT limited to OCLC-member libraries, and online access to
OCLC is NOT required.


Librarians responding to this proposal will receive 30 sample electronic
files gathered from Internet sites, a project description, a set of cataloging
guidelines, a record template, and a brief questionnaire.

Insofar as possible, all communications and file exchanges for this experiment
will be conducted using the Internet.  Participants must be able to receive and
temporarily store electronic files, some of which may contain several
megabytes of data.  Participants must supply or have access to the current
editions of the MARC Format for Computer Files and AACR2 cataloging rules
(revised edition).

Using word processing software and a record template, participants will create
"MARC-like" cataloging records for the items assigned.


OCLC will publish the results of the experiment.  Participating individuals
and institutions will be recognized for their contributions but not directly
associated with any of the experimentally created records.


To participate in the cataloging experiment, complete and return the
following form via e-mail or FAX by Wednesday, May 6.  No phone calls, please.
Return to:

Erik Jul, Communications Manager
Office of Research
(614) 764-6096 FAX

Request to Participate in OCLC Internet Resources Cataloging Experiment

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