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Re: Volumes for Physics Abstracts? lbx022@CCK.COVENTRY.AC.UK 07 Apr 1992 14:05 UTC

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   In reply to Steve Hardin's enquiry, I think that he refers to the
INSPEC publication.

   I received a letter from them towards the end of last year,
notifying me of their intention to drop the volume numbering from
their abstracting services - Computer and Control Abstracts,
Electrical and Electronics Abstracts, and Physics Abstracts - with
effect from 1992. The letter probably arrived with one of the issues,
which may explain why Steve missed it.

   I have since discarded the letter, so that although I can confirm
the situation I cannot give you the rationale behind it.

Sandy Forster
Periodicals Librarian, Coventry Polytechnic, England.