Re: Volumes for Physics Abstracts? Gaele Gillespie 08 Apr 1992 02:20 UTC

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In my 4/3/92 response to Steve Hardin's inquiry about volumes of
_Physics Abstracts_, I inadvertently picked up a 710 (American Institute
of Physics) from a browse on our system and failed to correct it to IEE
(London) when I keyed my response to SERIALST.  However, I had checked the
records for the correct title, and everything else I relayed in connection
to the title was correct:  While the publisher dropped the *volume-level*
enumeration back in Dec. 1991, they have not yet dropped the *issue-level*
enumeration, as we've rec'd. nos. 1-6 for 1992 and are currently expecting
no. 7.  Again, thanks to Steve for the original information regarding the
possibility that the publisher may drop the enumeration altogether, and
thanks to Sandy Forster (Periodicals Librarian, Coventry Polytechnic, Eng.)
for pointing out that this was the IEE's publication!

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials     University of Kansas Libraries