Integrated Library Systems Marcia J. Whipple 09 Apr 1992 01:49 UTC

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I  am a new subscriber to this list.  We are a Naval RDT&E center
in  San  Diego.   We now have DATALIB as our  ILS.   We  finished
inputting the records in the Serials Control Module last fall and
are  now  checking in our journals as they are received.  We  are
still working out the bugs for Claiming.  Binding and some of the
other  features won't be looked at for a long, long time.  In the
meantime,  we  are  getting uneasy about how long  we  will  have
DATALIB.   The  parent company has tried to sell it, service  and
support  sometimes  is  weak  - mostly fair.  We  are  trying  to
anticipate events in case we need to change vendors/systems.

I have two questions:

1.    Have  you  had to change vendors/systems?   What  happened?
What   should  we  be  looking  for,  planning  for?    Mistakes,
successes, etc.

2.    We  have  decided to investigate TechLib plus,  NOTIS,  and
VTLS.   Do any of you have experience with these systems?  Please
share  your  views, stories, etc.  I am especially interested  in
the Serial Module, how it works, how cumbersome, what to look out

Marcia Whipple
Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center
RDT&E Division
Technical Libraries, Code 9641
San Diego, CA 92152-5000
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