Re: Volumes for Physics Abstracts? LIADR@SLACVM.BITNET 09 Apr 1992 01:57 UTC

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The three INSPEC journals, Physics Abstracts, Computer and Control Abstracts
and Electrical and Electronics Abstracts have indeed dropped the volume
numbering.  Each issue has a date and a number:- No.6, 15th March 1992,
Abstracts ...- on the spine; date and abstract numbers on the outside;
- 1992, Number6 -  on the first page inside.  We had stopped printing the
volume number on the spine when binding these, because people got confused
which last number the abstract number referred to when they looked things
up in the cumulative index (e.g. did 4-12345 refer to v.94 or 1984).

Arsella Raman, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.