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Re: Integrated Library Systems Marcia Tuttle 13 Apr 1992 21:45 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 13 Apr 1992 15:26:49 CEN
From:         Connie Foster <RFOSTERC@WKYUVM>
Subject:      Re: Integrated Library Systems
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              8 Apr 1992 20:49:44 EST from <whipple@MANTA.NOSC.MIL>

We are undergoing a similar process. We currently have Faxon's SC-10 system whi
ch will change to a VAX-based system called FAxon Manager. We must decide on ke
eping a separate serials system or changing to NOTIS which we have for everythi
ng else. That should seem like a simple decision, but we've found that Faxon of
fers much expertise and service for serials. We have about 4700 active titles.
If you have a collection under 5,000, MicroLinx by Faxon might be a possibility
 for a pc-based system. We are essentially comparing 2 unknowns. NOTIS 5.1 rele
ase of their serials module is due in Sept.; Faxon Manager is in early stages o
f sales. We will have demos, etc., but I don't look forward to re-entry of seri
als data. I sympathize with you!!!!