Novy Mir Marcia Tuttle 15 Apr 1992 13:30 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 14 Apr 1992 20:52:13 EDT
From:         Martha Kellogg <OJS101@URIACC>
Subject:      Novy Mir (MARTHA KELLOGG)

Our primary vendor (Faxon) recently cancelled our order for Novy Mir
because their source (Kamkin) could no longer supply it after 1991.
Today I checked 14 other libraries on Faxon's DataLinx system and
none of them had received Novy Mir after 1991. We are interested
in obtaining this title if possible.  Does anyone know a source for
current issues of Novy Mir (ISSN 0130-7673)?

Another problem title: Jeune Afrique on Mfilm. UMI ceased filming
Jeune Afrique after v.29 (1989).  Does anyone know if some other
company is filming Jeune Afrique?  Those weekly issues are really
piling up!

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

Martha Kellogg
Serials Librarian
University of Rhode Island Library