JEUNE AFRIQUE (GAELE GILLESPIE) Marcia Tuttle 16 Apr 1992 01:50 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 15 Apr 1992 18:59:44 CST
Subject:      Re: Novy Mir

Re: Martha Kellogg's inquiry about the title, _Jeune Afrique_ (film ed.)

If the title you refer to is the weekly from Paris, surprisingly, we have
always bound it (and our holdings notes reflect that replacement issues are
very hard to obtain).  Since we retain so many weeklies on film in lieu of
binding, I was surprised to find that we have consistently bound this one.
      -- However --
It may be one of those titles that does not prove a good "risk" for filming,
due to the inability to find all the issues (a complete run) in order to
accomplish the year's filming in a timely manner.

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials     University of Kansas Libraries