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Clarification of Science Computer File Survey (Renee Bush) Marcia Tuttle 17 Apr 1992 17:43 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 17 Apr 1992 11:59:26 EDT
From:         Renee Bush <SFEFANG@UBVM>
Subject:      Clarification of Science Computer File Survey

Please pardon duplicate mailings as a result of cross-posting
this notice to several listserv's....

Please forward this message to the person in your institution
that you think would most likely have received the survey
described below:

Two weeks ago, a survey questionnaire was mailed to nearly 600
academic libraries as part of a CLR funded project which
requested information about LOCALLY-MOUNTED SCIENCE COMPUTER
FILES.  Judging from some of the responses we have received so
far, I believe that there is some confusion about what these
materials are.  I would like to try to clarify the topic here.

SCIENCE COMPUTER FILES, as defined in the survey's cover letter,
consist primarily, or entirely, of DATA.  This data, produced and
utilized by scientists & engineers, may be the nucleic acid
sequences of plant or animal genes, the physical properties of
materials, a city's average snowfall in inches for the month of
January, or a stream's flow in cubic feet per second.  Data bases
ENVIROLINE, and MEDLINE consist entirely of bibliographic
information (each record represents a unique document) and are
NOT the subject of this study.

LOCALLY-MOUNTED refers to the fact that these computer files are
bought or leased and are PHYSICALLY LOCATED at the institution
that obtained it.  The computer files may be on floppy disks, CD-
ROMs, or on tape. According to this definition then, science
computer files accessed via vendors such as DIALOG, BRS or STN
are not "locally-mounted."

I am posting this information on several listserv's in the hope
that: (1) those who have not yet responded will better understand
what is being studied; (2) those who have already returned the
questionnaire but now realize that their responses were based on
the provision of access to BIBLIOGRAPHIC computer files, will
contact me as soon as possible.  Also, if you work in an academic
library and have not received a questionnaire, I would greatly
appreciate hearing from you.

Renee Bush
Head of Reference; Collection Coordinator
Science & Engineering Library
SUNY at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260
(716) 636-2946
FAX (716) 636-3719