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Tech Serv Reorganization (June Breland) Marcia Tuttle 20 Apr 1992 21:21 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 20 Apr 1992 14:27:18 CDT
From:         JKB2@MSSTATE
Subject:      Tech Serv Reorganization

After a decade of being divided into Serials and Monographs, our Tech Services
Division is considering reorganizing into Cataloging and Acquisitions.  No one
seems to remember why it was changed to the present arrangement, but our new
director believes a change will increase productivity.  Is there anyone out
there who has recently undergone such a reorganization?  Do you have words of
wisdom you'd like to impart?

Our catalogers have some specific questions: Should catalogers continue to
assign the different formats to specific individuals?  How important is it for
serial catalogers (if such are designated) to be physically close to the
serials holdings files?  Can added volumes and copies to monographic works be
handled by Acquisitions? (Can they create appropriate item records once the
bib record is created by Cataloging, etc.)

I'm appealing to SERIALST because of its awesome brain trust.  Please reply
directly to me.  If there is general interest in this topic, I'll summarize
comments.  If you've already discussed this at length (I'm a new subscriber)
please direct me to the archives.  Thanks!
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