Changing Circulation Status for Periodicals Marcia Tuttle 21 Apr 1992 21:08 UTC

Date:     Tue, 21 Apr 92 13:01:22 MDT
From:     maryon mcclary <USERLIMM@UALTAMTS>
Subject:  Changing Circulation Status for Periodicals

The University of Alberta is taking several initiatives to meet budget
reductions and one of these is anchoring (i.e. not circulating) periodicals.
Has anyone had experience with changing from circulating to non-circulating
status for periodicals or worked in different institutions with different
policies?  Can you offer any advice or suggestions on what we might expect
and/or what we will have to do differently?  We have ordered more copiers
and are discussing how best to publicize the change but would like to
learn from anyone who has actually been through this.
Thanks for your help.  -- Maryon Mcclary
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