Damaged Journals & Dealings with the Post Office Joanna Tousley-Escalante 22 Apr 1992 14:17 UTC

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We have recently been plagued by a run of badly damaged - may I say
mangled - journals when we receive our mail.  Since we use no mechanized
processes in the College mailroom, I am convinced that these are caused
by the US postal service.  We're getting 1-2 a day it seems lately.

I'm wondering if others have recently experienced a major increase in
damaged goods coming from mail.  (By the way, all are US publications, not
foreign journals.)  Or is this just our problem? Has anyone ever found a
solution with dealing with the Post Office?  Is there any mechanism for
claiming from them when they do damage our goods?

In a sidebar comment, I'm also wondering how to get the telephone number
of the department that keeps all of the "lost" and un-labelled magazines
and journals.  Often the publisher in desperation says "this is not our
problem.  We send out the issues to you each month, to the correctly verified
address.  You must contact your local post office."  When we call and ask
for any one of several descriptive terms given for such a place, we get
nowhere.  Has anyone ever been successful with claiming from the Post

Joanna Tousley-Escalante
Austin Community College