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Rule 21.1B4 (to be deleted?) Mitch Turitz 08 Dec 1992 01:28 UTC

I am cross-posting this to AUTOCAT and Serialst, so please excuse the
duplication if you subscribe to both.

CC:DA (ALA's Cataloging Committee: Description and Access) has appointed
a Task Force to consider the elimination of AACR2 rule 21.1B4.  This
comes from the section on Choice of Access Points, Entry under corporate
body.    The rule says,

  "If a work falls into one or more of the categories given in 21.1B2
and if a subordinate unit of a corporate body is responsible for it,
apply the following provisions:

  a) if the responsibility of the named subordinate unit is stated
prominently, enter the work under the heading for the subordinate unit
  b) if the responsibility of the named subordinate unit is not stated
prominently, or if the parent body is named in the chief source of
information and the subordinate unit is not, or if the subordinate unit
has no name, enter the work under the heading for the parent body."

The LC Rule Interpretation for this rule is as follows:

  "When a work falling into one or more of the categories given in
21.1B2 involves a parent body and one of its subordinate bodies (with
the subordinate body responsible only for the preparation of the
contents of the work), enter the work under the heading for the parent
body.  Make an added entry under the heading for the subordinate body if
named prominently."

If rule 21.1B4 is eliminated, then rule 21.1B2 will cover most of the
cases needing clarification and eliminate some confusion.  Rule 21.1B2
is too long to quote here, as are its rule interpretations (5 pages in
the LCRI).  Basically, rule 21.1B2 deals with when it is appropriate to
enter a work under corporate body.

One of the problems that I think may occur if rule 21.1B4 is eliminated,
is that, for SERIALS, if the work is entered under the corporate body,
and the subordinate body changes, THEN we would have to do successive
entry cataloging for the title, even if the title proper has not
changed.  It seems to me that with rule 21.1B4 that since the
subordinate body is specifically explained not be put out as the main
entry, that this rule limits successive entry in these specific cases.
The only examples I can think of are Latin American publications, when
the titles do not change, but the GOVERNMENT AGENCY which issues them
changes, merely because that particular agency is the one which has the
money to publish it this year.

My basic question is this:  Can anyone else think of SPECIFIC TITLES
which demonstrate the above scenario where elimination of rule 21.1B4
will result in more successive entry cataloging for serials?  If so,
would you please respond to me immediately?  Thanks.

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