automation options--help wanted HOLZENBERG_P@CUBLDR.COLORADO.EDU 11 Dec 1992 04:15 UTC

We are looking into various library automation options, and are
interested in identifying people who are willing to share their
experiences about what it is like to use their particular library
automation system--especially in terms of its capabilities,
peculiarities, etc. for serials functions (including serials
acquisitions and fund accounting).  It would do us most good to talk
with people in libraries somewhat similar to ours (middle of ARL),
who are using a vended system (as opposed to a home-grown system not
generally available to others), and in which the system has been in
use long enough to be considered "settled in".

Please respond directly to: Pat Wallace, Univ. of Colorado at Boulder.
(303) 492-6788 or

Many thanks.