NOTIS "in process" records and MARC holdings Elena Romaniuk 02 Mar 1993 16:44 UTC

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query.

In summary, holdings do not display in the OPAC from "in process" records in
NOTIS 5.1; holdings data from "in process" records did display in the OPAC in
earlier versions including 5.0.2 with MHLD records.

Since we have a serials cataloguing backlog, we found it useful to be able to
display holdings for "in process" records in the OPAC, so that our
patrons/public services staff could tell whether we hold the material they
need even if it is not fully catalogued.

We have reported this to NOTIS, the problem tracking number is PPR0956. I
would like to encourage other NOTIS sites where this feature was used in
earlier versions, to add their voices to the request for reinstatement of this

Thanks again.

Elena Romaniuk
University of Victoria, McPherson Library
Victoria, B.C., Canada
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