Binding Title Changes Kathi L. Jakubowski 05 Mar 1993 03:21 UTC

How do other libraries bind serials that have changed title within a
volume?  Do you:

1.  Split the volume where the title change occurs and bind each
    title separately.


2.  If the title change is not a major one, and:
    A.  Occurs exactly in the middle of a volume, bind the whole
        volume using the old title.
    B.  If the volume consists mostly of the old title, bind using
        the old title.
    C.  If the volume consists mostly of the new title, bind using
        the new title.

We've had a running debate about this for years, and would appreciate
hearing what the rest of the world does!

Thanks in advance.

Kathi Jakubowski
Head Serials Cataloger
Golda Meir Library
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee