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Re: Haworth pricing for College & Undergraduate Libraries JOHNSON@STETSON.BITNET 05 Mar 1993 03:26 UTC

The cost for College & Undergraduate Libraries will be $28.00 for
individuals and $38.00 for libraries.  This is not excessive, considering
what I now pay for a number of my journals.  While there are many journals
in library service and technology, the more general journals - e.g.,
those published by ALA divisions, tend toward articles by librarians at
larger institutions.  Larger libraries may subscribe to two or three
journals dealing with CD-ROM, another couple on acquisitions, two or
three more on reference, etc., but smaller libraries cannot afford to
handle all of these.  The purpose of this journal is to provide a forum
and a place for publication of research dealing with what is of interest
to smaller academic libraries.  Each issue will cover the major aspects
of librarianship, so that each person on the staff should find at least
one relevant article.  Those of us on the editorial board feel it will
fill a gap or we would not be putting so much time - unpaid, I should
add - into getting it off the ground.  I hope you will look at this
journal with an open mind when the first issue is published next year.
In the meantime, we are looking for good articles!

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