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Report from SLIS Faculty at UC Berkeley SLIS 10 Mar 1993 14:47 UTC

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 FROM: Faculty of the School of Library and Information Studies,
       UC Berkeley

 CONTENT: Thanks to supporters; info on what is happening

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 The outcome of the campus' review of the SLIS was the appointment
 of a Planning Group to develop an administrative and programmatic
 structure for Information Studies and a temporary suspension of
 The faculty are pledged to work with the Planning Group to
 develop a strong and creative program in Information Studies,
 but are appealing the suspension of admissions.

 Full text of the recommendations of the Academic Planning Board
 are at the end of this message.  The Chancellor has accepted
 their recommendations.

 The Academic Planning Board said that Information Studies
 is "vital for :the campus': mission" but that the current
 program needs to be redirected and reorganized.  The Planning
 Group is therefore charged with "developing a viable definition
 of the field and an administrative and programmatic structure"
 suitable for Berkeley.

 The Planning Group will be chaired by C. Judson King, the Provost
 of Professional Schools and Colleges, and will include representatives
 from the School's faculty; Jack McCredie, the Vice Provost for Informtion
 Systems and Technology; Dorothy Gregor, the University Librarian;
 faculty from related campus units; and librarians and information
 professionals from outside the campus.  It is charged with consulting
 widely on and off campus.

 The suspension of admissions is a blow and the faculty of the School
 are trying to work out a compromise with the Chancellor with the help
 of the faculty senate.

 The School has avoided closure.  The issue now is not whether
 Information Studies will remain on the campus, but rather, in
 what form.  The campus has made a public commitment to this field.
 We do not see this as a disguised closure, but as a genuine attempt
 to design a significantly different program that will maintain
 Berkeley's leadership in a challenging and changing field.

 The public outcry was critical in saving Information Studies at Berkeley.
 We sincerely thank all our supporters.  And we encourage you to help us
 to work with the Planning Group to educate them about the needs and
 opportunities in this area and to creatively address the programmatic
 programmatic and structural issues.

 If the suspension of admissions remains, students who applied for
 Fall, 1993, will have their application fees refunded.  Best estimates
 are that the redesigned program will admit students for Fall of 1995.


 The Academic Planning Board recommends:

 o   that the campus recognize the field of Information Science and
 Information Studies as vital for its mission;

 o   that the present program, organization, and structure of the field
 on the campus undergo substantial redirection and reorganization;

 o   that, in furtherance of these changes, a Planning Group be
 established consisting of some tenured members of SLIS, the
 University Librarian, the Vice Provost of Information Systems
 and Technology, representatives of Computer Science and Public
 Policy, information managers outside the University, and others
 as appropriate, with the Provost of Professional Schools and Colleges
 as chair, and that the Group be charged with developing a viable
 definition of the field and an administrative and programmatic
 structure suitable for establishment at Berkeley;

 o   that the Planning Group consult widely within and outside the
 University, including the Advisory Committee to SLIS and the appropriate
 Area Review Panels of the Academic Programs Working Group, as a help
 in defining the field, identifying possible recruits, and locating
 external resources and support;

 o   that given the current financial emergency and future budgetary
 prospects, which imply permanent reduction in state support for the
 campus, the Planning Group be directed to work within existing
 internal resources augmented by additional support from external

 o   that the Planning Group give consideration to collaboration with
 programs at UCLA and San Jose State University;

 o   that the Planning Group submit a report, which may be preliminary,
 to the APB in time for consideration at its November meeting;

 o   that, meanwhile, admission to the School be suspended and campus
 support of the School be limited to its present level.


 For further information:
 internet: (preferred method of contact);
 phone: 510-642-1464

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 Acting Dean, School of Library and Information Studies
 University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720
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