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Coding Holdings for CD-ROMs ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 25 Mar 1993 23:10 UTC

Date: 25 Mar 1993 16:05:34 -0500 (EST)
From: Barbara Swetman <bswetman@ITSMAIL1.HAMILTON.EDU>
Subject: Coding Holdings for CD-ROM's

I need to add a holdings record to our local catalog for one of the UMI
index/fulltext titles. Has anyone else done so? How did you show the
information for the run of fulltext discs that you have along with the
index disc? One alternative I am considering is to code the fulltext in
853/863 with the index in 855/865. The problem with this is that
predictive check-in does not work well. I know when to expect the new
index. I also know I will receive fulltext discs at the same time, but I
do not know how many fulltext discs there will be.

We are also actually receiveing 2 copies of the index discs with only
one copy of the fulltext. A copy 2 for the index only?

I am also having difficulty coding holdings for CD-ROMs that cummulate
continuously. Properly a recent disc we received should show: Jan.
1989/Jan. 1993. The next would be Jan. 1989/Feb. 1993. Is the MARC
serials format designed to handle something like this? I will probably
code it to display Jan. 1989-Jan. 1993. and check in the next one as if
it's Feb. 1993. Since only one disc is retained, it is not really a
problem. Is anyone doing anything else?

I use VTLS and have already looked at some of VA Tech's records. Thanks
for your help.

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