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Re: UMI full-text titles and UNION LISTS Martha Gunnarson (28 Sep 1993 17:03 UTC)

Re: UMI full-text titles and UNION LISTS Martha Gunnarson 28 Sep 1993 17:03 UTC

        Our local union list (ULWU -- Worcester Area Union List of
Serials, a subset of NEUL) has entries for titles on CD-ROM. They may not
circulate, but the records let people know where they can go locally to
find the titles in question.

        In any case, most periodicals in our area do not circulate, so
photocopies must be made for ILL purposes. Perhaps print-outs from the
CD-ROM would fill the bill here?

        For quite a while our Reference staff was apprehensive about union
listing our CD-ROM indexes (Compendex plus, Applied science & technology
index, NTIS and Moody's company data), fearful of a stampede of users from
outside the campus. They have been in the union list for a year now, and
the usage has not increased dramatically.

Martha Gunnarson     Technical Services Librarian     Gordon Library
Worcester Polytechnic Institute    Worcester, MA  01609

(and current chair of the WACL (Worcester Area Cooperating Libraries)
Union List Committee.)