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Union List Management Cindy Cline 28 Sep 1993 23:13 UTC

TO: Anyone involved in managing a cooperative Union List

I would like to hear from those people involved in managing a Union List
(either serials and/or monographs). I would like  to receive information on
the methods used to ensure member participation in reporting changes to
the list.

One of the "conditions" of being a member to the list is to report any
changes in holdings at least once a year. Reminders are sent periodically,
but there are those who don't respond for various reasons.

I am on a committee trying to determine the best possible methods to
encourage the annual reporting and whether any actions should be initiated
against those who do not report.

The basic premise behind the Union List is the sharing of information and
we feel that we should devise a scheme of action for those who do not
share their information and do not keep their information updated.

If you have any thoughts or information on this topic, please respond to me
personally.    I will summarize for the list, if there is any interest.

Thanks for any help and information.

Cindy Cline                  EMAIL - MCLCINDY@UKCC.UKY.EDU
Medical Center Library       PHONE - 606-233-6781
University of Kentucky       FAX - 606-258-1040
Lexington, KY 40536-0084