Grants Info Requested Janie Branham 04 Oct 1993 16:19 UTC

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We are currently looking for grant opportunities that would support our serials
conversion project (from KARDEX to NOTIS), especially in the area of funding
for additional personnel to complete the project.  Has anyone applied for or
received grants for conversion projects and, if so, would you care to pass
along your experiences, advice, suggestions, etc?  As a library, we are fairly
new to the grant-writing process and would appreciate hearing from those who
have travelled this road before us.  We are also interested in learning of
grants available to replace our old microfilm reader/printers.  Any
suggestions?    All comments appreciated.  Please respond to:

Janie Branham
Serials Librarian
Sims Memorial Library
Southeastern La. University
SLU 896
Hammond, LA  70402
504 549-2186