SC-10 Alternative bensonwo%wrdc.dnet@WL.WPAFB.AF.MIL 05 Oct 1993 18:28 UTC

Date:     05-Oct-1993 02:04pm EDT
From:     Willis O. Benson <>
Tel No:   (513) 255-6750
Subject:  SC-10 Alternative

Please reply to:  - NOT to SERIALST.
As of Dec. 1994, Faxon is discontinuing its SC-10 check in service.  Besides
losing SC-10, we will probably be migrating to a different OPAC and I need to
find an interim solution that is as painless as possible.  We check in about
1,000 titles.  I would be especially interested in a DBASE III PLUS program.

I am looking for a system that:

- allows easy check in of materials

- prints routing slips as an item is checked in

- allows easy updating of records

- can import data in SDF or delimited format

- does NOT use a predictive check in system, or if it does, has the option of
  not using it

- preferably costs less than $500 or is free

If it could also automatically generate claims information that would be

Hopefully yours,

Bill Benson
Serials Librarian
Wright Laboratory Technical Library
Wright Patterson AFB OH 45433-7411

Phone: (513) 255-6750
Fax: (513) 476-4826