Further information on Almqvist & Wiksell Gene Dewey 11 Oct 1993 19:31 UTC

We also realized that the lists received from Akademika did not include all of
our periodicals.  I faxed several questions to Kristian Eriksson on Friday,
Oct. 8.  I received a fax reply this morning.  It indicates that the only
titles affected will be those on Akademika's printout and that "the printout
is based on what you had in subscriptions from us this year".  He also says
that the "only change is really that we will be unable to serve as a journals
subscriptions agency, hopefully you will be able to detect improvements
in the handling of our book supplies, both on serials and monograph orders."
This still begs the question regarding periodicals NOT on Akademika's
list.  I am preparing a list of the periodicals which seem to have
fallen through the cracks which I will fax to him for clarification.

In response to my other questions, Eriksson says they will continue to handle
annuals, numbered monographic series, and other irregular serials on standing
order.  I am going to try to obtain a list of these to verify against our

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