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The latest issue (Vol. 8, no.6, Oct. 1993) of
ONLINE ACCESS (ISSN=CA0898-2015) is a special
INTERNET issue.  Guest Editor: Michael Strangelove
Michael's email: Internet: 72302.3062@CompuServe.Com
Tracy Weisman, Ed. in Chief (email: Internet:

Online Access
920 North Franklin
Suite 203
Chicago, IL  60610
FAX: 312-573-0520

Contents include:

Internet soup by Anuerin Bosley
An A-Z listing of some fun, functional and
frivolous features on the Internet.  E-mail
commands are provided, so you don't need direct
access to get a taste of what the Internet's
all about.

Internet hunt by Kevin Savetz
a monthly contest that challenges participants
to find answers to elusive questions using
resources found on the Internet.  How do your
Internet search skills stack up?

What's NREN by Ross Stapleton
You're not alone if you're having trouble
wrapping your mind around Internet-related
concepts like NREN, NII and NSF.  A Central
Intelligence Agency analyst deciphers these
mysteries and explains how they all fit together.

BIX: New windows to the Internet
by Larry Krumenaker.
BIX's new Windows navigation program takes
the dirty work out of accessing the Internet.
Here's an advance look at an early version of BIXnav 2.0.

The Essential Internet
by Michael Strangelove
The Internet is a powerful catalyst for change in
the information age.  This month's guest editor explains
how technology is giving birth to a new global community.

Free Internet tips and tools
by Natalie Strangelove
There are hundreds of documents, bibliographies and user
manuals available on the Internet to help you use its
resources more effectively.  We've compiled a list of the=20
best, and show you how to access them using simple commands.

Getting on the Internet
Here's a list of over 60 Internet dial-up access
providers.  Turn on your modem and start dialing.
Prices for these services range from several hundred
dollars a year to free.
(Yes, we were able to find someone who offers full
access to the Internet for free.)


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           San Francisco State University Library

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