ALCTS Reorganization (Frank Sadowski) ANN ERCELAWN 15 Oct 1993 13:08 UTC

Date:         Thu, 14 Oct 1993 20:10:22 -0500
Subject:      Re: Alphabet soup and ALCTS reorganization
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**The following message has been forwarded from AUTOCAT with the permission
of the original poster. Please note that Frank Sadowski is not a SERIALST

John Radencich misunderstood part of what I said, so I'll clear that up and
make an additional comment.  I did NOT say that the ALCTS Board is trying to
eliminate the Serials Section.  I DID say that were suggestions in the past
that tended to imply this.  Note that most members of the current Board are
different people.  I also said that the reorganization would have the effect
of eliminating the Serials Section, and if a focus group IS formed, there
would still be something like a home for serials catalogers, but no power,
no ability to have any effect (yes?).  If a focus group is NOT formed, A LOT
OF PEOPLE ARE LIKELY TO DROP OUT!!!  This is likely also to be true for other
sections.  My opinion is that regardless of what the Board's intentions are,
this amorphous reorganized ALCTS mishmosh they've proposed better move pretty
fast to find some way to empower those serials people, cataloger types, etc.
or membership will drop in a descending curve.  I personally have not been
terribly fond of NASIG, feeling it did indeed pull some people out of ALCTS
who should have tried to find a way to work within ALCTS.  Regardless of what
NASIG has done well, I have been unwilling to give it my support, feeling that
the Serials Section is preferable.  However, if this reorganization goes
through, NASIG will grow and ALCTS will shrink. And this time, it will be
entirely justifiable and correct.  Again:  I don't disagree that ALCTS needs
some changes.  It's just that this particular change isn't the right way to
go about it.  ...  Frank Sadowski

P.S.:  Those of you who know the Serialst address might want to forward
       this message to them.  I'm not on that discussion group. ... fes