Subscription Agent for NY Review of Books (Lucrezia Herman) ANN ERCELAWN 18 Oct 1993 14:51 UTC

Date: 18 Oct 1993 15:29:06 -0300 (BST)
From: Lucrezia_Herman@VME.CCC.NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK
Subject: New York Review of Books

**Please reply directly to Lucrezia Herman, as noted in her message--ed.

Can any BRITISH libraries recommend an agent to use for the above title?
Blackwells have had no success in getting this for us this year despite
many urgent claims, and their track record for the past 3 years has been
dismal (for this title...).  Please reply to me rather than the list.  Thanks.

    Lucrezia Herman, Periodicals Librarian, University of Nottingham