LAPT Research Award (Carol Hawks) ANN ERCELAWN 18 Oct 1993 20:51 UTC

Date: 18 Oct 1993 16:33:07 -0400
From: Carol Hawks <chawks@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU>
Subject: LAPT Research Award

                       1994 RESEARCH AWARD

     The Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory (LAPT) Research
Award provides an annual prize of $1,000 for research in the broad
areas of acquisitions, serials, publishing, and collection
management.  The award will be given for one proposal and
administered in two parts: $500 when the proposal is selected to
fund the research effort and $500 when the completed manuscript is
submitted to Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory.  The award
will be granted to the individual, not the institution, and may be
used to cover expenses incurred in conducting the research outlined
in the winning proposal, including travel, postage, staff support,
supplies, and other items.

     The winning proposal will identify a critical issue in
acquisitions, serials, publishing, or collection management and
outline a rigorous approach to testing or solving the issue raised.
Proposals will be judged on their significance, clarity and
originality.  The proposal should be a brief, concise description
(no more than 500 words) of the project.  A budget proposal and a
one page vita of the author must be attached.  Awards will not be
limited to experienced researchers; however, researchers should
present their proposal clearly addressing the following issues:

     1.   What are the aims and objectives of the research
     2.   Please describe your methodology and data analysis
     3.   What related research has been undertaken and/or
          published?  Please include specific citations.
     4.   Is the research replication of a previous study?

     The deadline for submitting proposals is February 15, 1994.
Proposals will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the editor-in-
chief, the assistant editors, and three members of the editorial
board.  The winning proposal will be announced at the annual
American Library Association Conference in 1994 and in the fourth
issue of LAPT for the year.  Research for the winning proposal must
be completed within one year of the date when the award is
announced.  Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory reserves the
right of first refusal of the completed manuscript.
     Information on past recipients and their research follows:

     1992 -- Anna H. Perrault -- "A Study of the Effects of the
     Diversion of Funds from Monographs to Serials on the Monograph
     Collections of Research Libraries"
          This study investigates the shrinking non-
          serial resources base for United States
          academic libraries, shifts in monographic
          collecting patterns and trends in the
          acquisition of foreign language imprints, and
          the decline in monograph acquisitions as
          distributed across subject disciplines or
          among language groups.

     1993 -- Samuel Demas, Anne S. Caputo, and William J. Kara --
     "Viability of the Vendor Model of Information Delivery Through
     a Library Gateway"
          The study aims to determine the viability of
          the 'vendor model' of information delivery
          through a library gateway.  By offering a
          campus community unrestricted access to an
          unprecedented scope of electronic information,
          libraries and vendors will learn for the first
          time: which files are used, how much they are
          used, by whom they are used (e.g. faculty,
          staff, students), and at what times of the day
          and night.

     Proposals and questions concerning this year's award should be
addressed to:
Carol Pitts Hawks
Library Acquisitions: Practice & Theory
2129 Sandston Road
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 292-6314
FAX: (614) 292-2015