Subscr. Agencies for E-Serials / News Wires? (Edward Vielmetti) ANN ERCELAWN 20 Oct 1993 03:34 UTC

Date: 19 Oct 1993 23:21:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Good subscription agencies for electronic serials / news wires ?

Hi.  I'd like recommendations for subscription services or other
agencies (e.g. Ebsco) who are hip to the notion of serials, news
wires, or newsletters that are delivered electronically.

We distribute a Reuters news wire over the Internet, and there have
been some queries from corporate libraries whether they can subscribe
through their existing agency, saving them and use some possible
paperwork hassle.  There are a number of other electronically
delivered periodicals that I know that are out there but hard to find
and harder to subscribe to; I'd think that some vendor who was used to
this routine would possibly be a big help, all things considered.

Any suggestions, recommendations, warnings welcomed.

  Edward Vielmetti, vice president for research, Msen Inc.
Msen Inc., 320 Miller, Ann Arbor MI  48103 +1 313 998 4562 (fax: 998 4563)

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