Review Source (Steve Brock) Marcia Tuttle 24 Oct 1993 06:28 UTC

From: Steve Brock (
Date: October 24, 1993

Dear members of serialst,

I am a book reviewer in the newsgroups, rec.arts.books,
and other subject-specific newsgroups of Usenet.  I am writing to inform
you that I, and others, review books that may be of interest to serials
and reference librarians.  Recent reviews include "Ulrich's International
Periodicals Directory" and "The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary."

The reviews in stay available for about two weeks, then
they are archived at Colorado Supernet.  The archive may be accessed by
telneting to, login: anonymous, password: your complete e-mail
address.  At the ftp prompt, type cd pub/

I encourage serialst subscribers to utilize the reviews in and rec.arts.books for recommendations on adding serials
titles to their collections.

P.S.  The FAQ for may be accessed by FTPing to, and going to the directory pub/usenet/,
or sending me e-mail (