Non-pricing question (Lydia A. Morrow) Marcia Tuttle 27 Oct 1993 05:58 UTC

Please reply to Lydia Morrow, not serialst. -mt

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Date: Mon, 25 Oct 93 10:11:50 CDT
From: Lydia A. Morrow          (AXVGSLM@UICVMC)
       Serials Department
       Governors State University

 I am on a state-wide task force in Illinois assigned to look at various
 document delivery/full-text article options which are available in the
 marketplace (such as Carl UnCover, OCLC's Article Search/First Search,

 I would like to know if anyone has done any studies related to the above, or
 has seen any comparative studies in the literature.

 Responses can be sent to: Lydia A. Morrow, Head/Serials Dept., Governors
 State University, University Library, University Park, IL 60466, (708)
 534-4116, BITNET: axvgslm@uicvmc. Fax: (708) 534-8454

 Thank you.