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Info from Gordon and Breach Gordon Breach 01 Dec 1993 13:48 UTC

STBS sent a letter to all library subscribers in early Fall about the
end of year renewal. Following is the paragraph in question from this
letter.  The rest of the letter mentioned Subscribers Incentive Plan and
other promotional news.


"We have sent renewal invoices to you or your subscription agent for the
1994 volumes of Gordon and Breach and Harwood Academic journals.  Your
renewal invoices reflect the current volume rates.  However, there will
be rate increases on 1994 volumes that will vary and may reach 5%.  We
are pleased to announce a deferment of these increases until January
1994.  To retain these current rates for 1994 subscriptions, payment for
these invoices must be received at STBS, from agents and libraries
ordering direct, before December 31, 1993. After this date all unpaid
invoices will be re-invoiced at the new rates.  We have already notified
your subscription agent about this deferment, but we recommend that you
consult with them to ensure uninterrupted service at these lower


Gordon and Breach publishes on the "flow" system.  To ensure the
quickest publication of accepted author's papers, our publication
schedule is flexible where we do not limit the number of volumes to be
published in any given year.  For subscriptions, we anticipate the
number of volumes we will be publishing in the new year and invoice
accordingly in Fall. However, the volumes do not publish in strict
sequence like once a month, bi-monthly, etc. But we do anticipate
publishing all volumes in the course of the full year for which we
billed. We do not renew a journal in Fall if we do not anticipate
publication of new volumes soon after the New Year.  In fact,
_Molecular_Crystals_and_Liquid_Crystals_ is this month already
publishing its first '94 volume.  It is quite important, therefore, to
check with us about the date of publication of the next volume before
registering a claim.  But we take any fulfilment claim quite seriously
and, if you have had unresolved claims, you can contact our customer
services department in New York (+1 212 206-8900), Langhorne-PA
(+1 215-750-2642), Reading, U.K. (+44 0734 560-080) or Singapore (+65

As for Ms. Mary Page's original posting, I had contacted her and we are
currently resolving a specific billing/fulfillment problem with her
agent.  In the meantime, we have sent all missing volumes to her library
by UPS Blue.

If you'd like to contact me directly, please mail

Thank you,

Chris Schneider, Vice-President, Sales/Marketing