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Re: Current Newspaper Holdings (K.T. Carr) ANN ERCELAWN 06 Dec 1993 16:06 UTC

Date: 06 Dec 1993 09:32:52 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: Current Newspaper Holdings

At Hood College we use a stand along system, SCS, to check-in all of our
serials and newspapers.  (We will be using the CARL serial module when it
is up.)  All microform backfiles are checked-in on this system as well.
All formats for any title are listed under the title to allow for more
efficient searching, eg.
             NEW YORK TIMES           V.I--    (Sep, 1851--)     FILM

     V.1--  (Sep, 1851--)     FILM
                                 Current Month         Periodical Room

            ADVERTISING AGE      V.53-62    (1982-91)     FILM
                                 V.63--     (1992--)      FICHE
                                 Current Year         Periodical Roomm

We have been using the Professional Software SCS since 1987 and so far
so good.  The holdings module is simple and straighforward and has
served our patrons well.  Thank you,
Beneficial-Hodson Library
Hood College
Frederick, MD  21701