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Leasing Microform Equipment Janie Branham 09 Dec 1993 15:43 UTC

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Our microfilm reader/printers are badly in need of replacement and I am
investigating  the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying new machines.  I
would like to hear from any library who is currently or has in the past
leased equipment.  I am particularly interested in finding out what vendors
have offered a leasing option, the practicalities of leasing vs. buying,
and any hidden (or obvious) pitfalls associated with leasing.  If you
have experiences/opinions to offer, please e-mail me directly at the
address below.  Thanks!

Janie Branham
Serials Librarian
Sims Memorial Library
Southeastern Louisiana University
SLU 896
Hammond, LA  70402

Phone:  504 549-2186