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Electronic exchange for books, periodicals, etc. ??? John T. Zubal 09 Dec 1993 20:20 UTC

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Dear SERIALST Subscribers:

USBE has been undertaking efforts to establish an electronic bulletin board
dedicated to the exchanging, buying, selling, trading, donating, etc., of
books, periodicals, and other library materials. We have now located a
company that will establish and maintain such a service for USBE. Frankly, I
am surprised at the cost of such an exercise--the base price is $1500 per

I'd like to poll the readers of SERIALST:  Are libraries willing to pay
an annual fee to use this service?

Unlike various commercial efforts at developing electronic marketplaces for
o.p., antiquarian & other categories of books, etc., this bb is perceived as
a co-operative service, first and foremost among libraries. Institutions
participating will be invited to send lists of duplicates, surplus, de-
accessioned publications, unneeded gifts, etc. for posting to the bb with
their prices or values or possibly on a bid basis. Our staff will also be
willing to give advice on marketing. Orders for such materials will go
directly to the owner institution. The flip side: the bb would also be a
posting ground for your wants and desiderata.

We'll be grateful for your input and responses. Maybe someone out there knows
an easier, cheaper and, hence, better way of achieving this goal.

john t zubal
u s b e