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Cataloging Computer Select (CD-ROM) Pat Frade 10 Dec 1993 18:47 UTC

I have a question concerning a new dimension of serials cataloging.
We recently received the cd-rom title "Computer Select".  This cd has
approximately 69 full-text journals and 100 publications which are
abstracts.  Since this appears to be the beginning of a trend, we
would like to establish a standard to follow.  Could anyone suggest
the best way to catalog this?  We have the DCLC bibliographic record
for "Computer Select", but some of the librarians here would like to
see individual title access.

We have thought of two possible ways.  One way would be to
catalog (separate records) all 169 titles.  Another way would be to
catalog "Computer Select" and add a 246 for each title.  A possible
problem that could develop is each monthly update could have slightly
different titles on the cd.  And then there is the problem of
holdings--we have some of these same titles in print form.

Pat Frade
Serials Cataloger
Brigham Young University