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newspaper summary Genevieve Clay 11 Dec 1993 00:04 UTC

Thanks to the 39 folks who responded to my *quickie survey* regarding
whether or not they are checking in current issues of newspapers in their
online systems.  Responses came from as far as Newfoundland, Hawaii, and

Of the 39 responses, there were 24 yes-s, with NOTIS being the most
frequently-mentioned system (5) and Innopac, second (4).  There were
15 no-s, with 5 of those being NOTIS users.

One *yes* user goes so far as to barcode each daily issue and check them
out for 2 hours so that patrons can tell when they are due back!

Again, thanks to all the responders.  It was an interesting experience
for me.

Genevieve Clay
Eastern Ky. Univ.